Samsung: How to prevent the overheating of your Galaxy device

Whether you're using a phone, tablet, smartwatch, or earbuds, all Galaxy devices have a set temperature range where they operate at their best. While they may feel warm under certain conditions, like charging, this does not affect the devices' lifespan or performance. However, these devices may temporarily generate heat on various occasions. Thus, we suggest taking precautions to avoid placing your device under these circumstances.

The following factors may affect the temperature of your Galaxy devices:

  • Using your devices in an environment outside of normal operating conditions (between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Placing your devices on/near a heat source, such as leaving them in a parked car on a hot day or continuously having them exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Running multiple apps for an extended period of time or using processor-intensive apps for gaming, streaming, and GPS tracking.
  • Using an incompatible, defective, or non-Samsung certified charger and / or USB cable.
  • Initial setup and data transfer from the previous devices.
  • System or firmware updates.

As your device generates heat, you may see warning messages. Please be aware that access to certain features/functions may temporarily freeze as a mean to protect the device.


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