Collection: Prism Enclosures

From being formed in 1997 Prism’s workforce has grown to over 100 personnel and underpins one of the UK’s most successful manufacturers of quality enclosures for the data installation, broadcasting and internet administration industries. Prism’s extensive knowledge and experience, which also includes project management and system design is continually enhanced and updated.

Prism products are manufactured in the UK, utilising the latest CAD/CAM technology and distributed from three factories strategicallysited on the motorway network. Prism products are designed inhouse for ease of assembly, safety and security and the provision of non-standard parts is an essential element of our service. They are durable and distinctive. Server cabinet’s feature dedicated air and heat management systems. Intelligent power distribution encompasses monitoring and remote management via IP.

Prism believes in the principle of growth through partnership. These have been formed with key distributors, installers, and system integration specialists. Our clients are globally renowned. They range from icons of the communication industry, like BT, BskyB, Reuters, and the Financial Times to such financial institutions as Lloyds TSB, Goldman Sachs, and the Sumitomo & Mitsubishi Banking Corporation. Prism cabinets are supplied to 23 health authorities, the national air traffic control system, the Home Office, and 361 British embassies worldwide.