Collection: UAG (Urban Armor Gear)


URBAN ARMOR GEAR was founded in 2012 in Orange County, California – the action sports center of the world. Bored with the corporate world and unimpressed by the case offerings at the time, three founders got together decided to create a case that could provide unrivaled protection for their phones in the most challenging situations.

The first iPhone case UAG developed was for the iPhone 4, and featured UAG’s signature pattern, inspired by jerry cans. This design was both iconic and functional, as it was used on stamped steel to create rigidity & strength while remaining lightweight. Initially sales were slow and it wasn’t until the Samsung S3 was launched that the market started to take notice.

Through brute force, UAG was able to make a name for itself by marketing in forums, blogs (remember those?) and giving away free samples to tech enthusiasts. Soon word began to spread and stories began pouring in of customers whose phones were protected by UAG after they were dropped off buildings, down walls, run over by cars, and worse.

The fun didn’t stop there. As the phone manufacturers put out larger and larger devices, the need for protection increased even further. UAG went to great lengths to prove our cases could stand up to the rigors of active lifestyles and embarked on a series of tests to demonstrate it our breakthrough design and functionality.