Samsung Galaxy: How to wear your Galaxy Buds Live

Enjoy the rich sound and active noise cancellation on the Galaxy Buds Live. Learn how to wear and adjust them correctly in the below video.

Galaxy Buds Live


 How to wear you Galaxy Buds Live:

  • Open the charging case
  • Select the correct earbud for each ear
  • L for Left
  • R for Right
  • Place the lower half of the earbuds into your ear
  • Then adjust the earbuds so they fit
  • If the earbuds are not positioned correctly they may not work
  • If the earbuds do not fit in your ears properly try changing the wing tips
  • There are two kinds of wing tips
    • Medium
    • Small
  • Choose the correct one by measuring your ears
  • Depending of the position of the speakers in your ear you will need a different wing tip size.
  • If the speaker is outside of your earhole use the small wing tip
  • If the speaker is half inside your earhole use the medium wing tip
  • If the speaker is inside your earhole please contact Samsung Support for further assistance
  • Select the wing tip for the left or right ear by checking for the L or R mark

Your Galaxy Buds Live are ready to go.

What to do if your buds do not fit your ears

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